Spa Etiquette

You come to our Spa to relax  This is your time and we want to make this as pleasurable as possible. In this same regard, we respectfully request that you also respect others who want the same peaceful experience. As other guests may be in “their zone” we ask that you silence your cell phone, keep conversations soft, and to enjoy the peace you came to receive. If it is necessary to make a phone call or to talk to others we ask very respectfully that you do this outside the inner Spa.

Arrival Time
We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your first scheduled appointment so you can relax and complete a client profile tailoring our treatments to your personal needs.

Cancellation Policy
Scheduled treatments are reserved especially for you. We ask that you give us 24 hour advance notice if you need to cancel your service, at no charge.  If your appointment is not cancelled within the 24 hour period, we consider your appointment confirmed.

Late Arrival
All spa appointments are designed to allow appropriate time for full enjoyment of each service. If you arrive late, it may limit our ability to provide the fullest possible experience. We may not be able to offer you an extension of your scheduled treatment if there are clients scheduled after you and you’ll be responsible for paying the full service price.  Late arriving guests may experience a shortened service time depending on the Service providers next appointment. Your cooperation and understanding in this regard will ensure that we can provide you a full, relaxing service.


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